101 Alphabet Activities by Lisa Schwimmer Marier

By Lisa Schwimmer Marier

Each publication positive aspects one zero one educating principles on the topic of the subject of its identify. actions span a number of curriculum parts together with math, language improvement, technological know-how, paintings, tune and extra

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Children can draw Charlotte in a spider’s web from Charlotte’s Web or a pig in a barn from Babe. Challenge children to make up characters and draw a house that that character would live in. Would it be different colors? How many doors would it have? How many windows? ” Post the photographs as well as children’s pictures on the board. 71 XTRA-SPECIAL X’S Materials Cardboard or stiff paper Scissors Crayons and markers Tempera paint Paintbrushes Various other art materials Activity Cut large X’s out of cardboard or other stiff paper.

Yes, sir, yes, sir, three BAGS full. Like a diamond in the SKY One for my master, one for my dame, Twinkle Twinkle, little STAR One for the little BOY who lives down the lane. How I wonder what you are. 58 SHOW ME C WORDS! Materials None Activity Invite children to move like things that begin with the letter c. First ask children what words they can think of that begin with the letter c. They may say things, such as cat, cow, cloud, crow, or car. Then invite children to move like cats, then cars, then clouds, and so on.

Make a Y by standing with legs together, arms up, spread in a large V. Extension: Invite children to join with a partner to create the shapes with both of their bodies. ©© School Specialty Publishing McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing 50 1-57029-485-2 101 Alphabet Activities Music and Movement 57 LETTER CLAP ALONG Materials None Activity Use creative movement and music to help children understand new concepts. Sing familiar songs and ask children to clap when they hear words that begin with the particular letter you have chosen.

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