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Shades & Shapes featues one hundred and one instructing principles regarding the topic of its name. actions span a number of curriculum components together with math, language improvement, technology, artwork, tune, and extra.

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Remove the backing and tape the paper to the table, sticky-side up. Set out small shapes cut from various colors of cellophane paper. Let the children arrange the cellophane shapes on the self-stick paper to make a collage. Seal the collage with a second sheet of self-stick paper and hang it near a sunny window. Discuss the light that is cast by the collage. What colors do the children see? © McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing © School Specialty Publishing 60 1-57029-487-9 101 Colors and Shapes Activities Visual Arts 76 COLORED SAND Materials Coffee can Fine-grain sand Tempera paint Cake pan Shaker containers Cardboard or heavy paper Glue Paintbrushes Activity To make colored sand, fill a coffee can or other container with a tight-fitting lid halfway with finegrain sand.

Hint: Children will enjoy “teaching” dolls and imaginary playmates how to fold blankets in all sorts of ways. © McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing © School Specialty Publishing 63 1-57029-487-9 101 Colors and Shapes Activities Dramatic Play 79 UNDER THE SEA Materials Water table or washtub Toy sea creatures Small aquarium net or kitchen strainer Activity Fill a water table or washtub with water and add plastic sea creatures in assorted colors. Provide a small aquarium net or kitchen strainer and let the children “fish” for creatures of a particular color.

Encourage the children to explain what they see. 52 TINTED ICE CUBES Materials Water Pitcher Food coloring Ice cube trays Activity Fill a small pitcher with water. Add a few drops of red food coloring to the water. Then pour the tinted water into an ice cube tray. Rinse out the pitcher and repeat, making a tray of yellow ice and a tray of blue ice. Freeze the ice cubes. Then put a cube of each color in a separate clear plastic glass. Have the children predict what will happen, then watch as the ice in each glass turns to colored water.

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