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Aimed in the direction of someone bored with spending numerous hours education with weights and doing aerobic and with no seeing extra profits, one hundred and one High-Intensity exercises for speedy effects offers a life of routines that consistently elevate lean muscular tissues and decrease physique fats utilizing scientifically confirmed equipment of brief, high-intensity bouts of teaching.

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SET 10-SEC. REST TIMING IS EVERYTHING For the weightlifter, the measurables boil down to sets, reps and the amount of weight used. How many sets did I do? How many reps per set? And most important, how heavy did I go? But sometimes, when your results have hit a plateau, you need to think outside the box. Inside the box is this: Do a set of 8–10 reps, rest a minute, do another set of 8–10 reps, rest a minute. Repeat indefinitely. Not that anything is inherently wrong with this style of training, unless you’ve been doing it for years, not to mention decades.

Do that many sets with one move and you’ll know that you’ve punished each muscle fiber beyond anything it’s accustomed to. Some bodybuilders also favor this approach for determining an exercise’s worth to their program. Execute that many sets of one movement and, within 24–48 hours, muscle soreness will tell you what nooks and crannies it hits. Resistance training helps signal the release of growth hormone (GH), a key factor in muscle growth, strength gains and fat-burning. If your typical weight workout produces a wave of GH, the “Pumped Volume” approach is a tsunami.

2 min. 1 min. indd 39 39 10/23/09 12:31:00 PM CHAPTER I In the gym, your days of resting longer than you’re actually lifting are history. Doing a set that lasts 20–30 seconds, then taking a 1–2-minute breather before another half-minute set? No more. Gone. Sayonara. Well, at least for now. Your sets and rest periods are about to flip, and you’ll be lifting for twice as long as you break. Here’s what’s in store: Short rest periods and highrep sets performed at such an intensity that you’ll use roughly half your normal weight.

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