A Day in the Life of a Child Care Worker (First Facts) by Heather Adamson

By Heather Adamson

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Any vladetel'skie zapisi? Anything about the history of the Sbornik? It was bought from Pligin coll. (I think through an intermediary or heir) in 1905. ) which is of interest? In particular, how does the hand compare with Pog. 1567, 1573, 1311, and 1615? ) Is a microfilm of 11. e. ] 174-180 ob. possible? If not, could you copy for me the fragment on 180 ob. " and ends "Pisano roku fi5621 ν zemli moskovskoi na Vologdu"? 2) Could you check 11. -53ob. of Pog 1573 against the enclosed xerox, in particular for variants in the places I have marked?

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