A Simple Truth; Calendar Boys: September, Book 9 by Jamie Craig

By Jamie Craig

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A standing date. They already spent a fair amount of their free time together anyway—being single men in a neighborhood of families and older couples had long ago driven them in that direction—but this was different. This was deliberate. ” There was nothing Charlie could do but agree. The hours passed quickly. Conversation got easier once they got past the anxiety of the night before, and in many ways, it was like any other time they spent together. It was easy. Comfortable. The primary differences lay in contact.

As soon as he got the first morsel on his tongue, Charlie had to agree. Both dug into their meal with fresh gusto, and it wasn’t until his portion of fish was almost gone that Charlie realized he hadn’t even touched the wine yet. ” Picking up his glass, he took a sip, but he needed to pour out the others if he was going to get any kind of true test on which was best. As he worked at the other corks, he watched Bryce sample the risotto. “Maybe if the food turns out this good, I won’t have to worry about small talk during dinner.

Bryce lifted his glass to his lips and nearly drained its contents. “Plus, the wine will help. ” He refilled Bryce’s glass with the second selection. “Then we can just sit together on the couch 30 SEPTEMBER: A SIMPLE TRUTH and watch it. ” He cut into the fish and followed the bite with another long sip of wine. ” His cheeks flushed at thoughts of what he and Dean might be doing if they weren’t paying attention to the movie. Dean had an amazing body, and he was naturally affectionate. Even during coffee, he’d kept casually touching Charlie’s hand or arm or foot.

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