A Year in the Woods: The Diary of a Forest Ranger by Colin Elford

By Colin Elford

Colin Elford spends his days by myself - by myself yet for the deer, the squirrels, the rabbits, the birds and the numerous different creatures inhabiting the woods. From the crisp coldness of January, during the pleasure of spring and the heat of summer time, and again into the dampness of the fall and the chilliness winds of wintry weather, we accompany the woodland ranger as he is going approximately his paintings - stalking within the early-morning darkness, placing an injured fallow dollar out of its distress, staring at stoats kill a hare, looking at owls, and easily having fun with the outside. "A yr within the Woods" is an invigorating examine nature via a woodland ranger's eyes and a charming trip deep into the woods. It encompasses a pleasant 'Preamble' through Craig Taylor.

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