Acceleration and transport of energetic particles observed by Mewaaldt

By Mewaaldt

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Cultural studies and critical race theory inform this study as well. Stuart Hall’s discussions of diaspora and migration provide insight into the ways in which identity is constructed in relationship to race, culture, and history. In addition, to form useful conceptualizations on race, I study the literary output of numerous writers, along with the critical work done on their works. Christian asserts that Black women writers and scholars of Black women’s writing struggle with academic co-optation, even as they reside within academia, refusing to be confined by the boundaries created by various theories that attempt to lock their work inside narrow academic categories, and this position undergirds my work.

And love would be nowhere: behind them and impossible to recover; a flat line in the wake of the ship where the sky bowed down to the sea or the sea ascended to the sky. 26 Salt and sea are inseparable here, as both deliverer and devourer, conveying these enslaved Africans to the unknown, all the while eating them alive, body and soul. As both nowhere and everywhere, the salt sea conveys, contains, and connects bodies, memories, and, as Peter Linebaugh has shown us, cultural formations and transformations in a reciprocal exchange of the 25.

Nobody ebuh see um no mo. Some say dey fly back tuh Africa. 17 In his novel Salt, Earl Lovelace begins his narrative with the discussion of slaves who, having tasted salt, were unable to fly home to Africa— unlike Guinea John, who makes the journey successfully: With his black jacket on and a price of two hundred pounds sterling on his head, [Guinea John] made his way to the East Coast, mounted the cliff at Manzanilla, put two corn cobs under his armpits and flew away to Africa, taking with him the mysteries of levitation and flight, leaving the rest of his family still in captivity mourning over his selfishness, everybody putting in their mouth an saying, “You see!

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