AdS/CFT Duality User Guide by Makoto Natsuume

By Makoto Natsuume

This booklet describes functions of the AdS/CFT duality to the "real world." The AdS/CFT duality is an concept that originated from string thought and is a strong software for reading strongly-coupled gauge theories utilizing classical gravitational theories. in recent times, it's been proven that one prediction of AdS/CFT is certainly on the subject of the experimental results of the genuine quark–gluon plasma. considering the fact that then, the AdS/CFT duality has been utilized to numerous fields of physics; examples are QCD, nuclear physics, condensed-matter physics, and nonequilibrium physics.

The objective of this ebook is to supply history fabrics corresponding to string thought, black holes, nuclear physics, condensed-matter physics, and nonequilibrium physics in addition to key purposes of the AdS/CFT duality in one quantity. The emphasis during the booklet is on a pedagogical and intuitive strategy concentrating on the underlying actual suggestions. it is also step by step computations for vital effects, that are worthwhile for beginners.

This publication might be a worthy reference paintings for graduate scholars and researchers in particle physics, common relativity, nuclear physics, nonequilibrium physics, and condensed-matter physics.

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Heavy atoms themselves are electrically neutral. In order to accelerate them, one has to strip electrons and to ionize them. So, such an experiment is called a heavy-ion experiment. One notable heavy-ion accelerator is the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), which is located at Brookhaven National Laboratory and is in operation since 2000. Another heavy-ion experiment has been performed at CERN since 2010 using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The plasma temperature by these colliders are estimated as about 2Tc at RHIC and about 5Tc at LHC.

Such a horizon is called a planar horizon. When we say the word “black hole” in this book, it is mostly a black hole with a planar horizon. A black hole with planar horizon is often called a black brane. The black branes arise with various dimensionalities. A black brane with R p horizon is called a black p-brane. Namely, p=0 p=1 p=2 .. black hole black string black membrane .. To obtain thermodynamic quantities of the neutral black string, notice that the black string is just the four-dimensional Schwarzschild black hole if one compactifies the z-direction.

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