Alpha Force: Hostage by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength Hostage

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She knew she was going to be caught, but it was still a huge shock when the man plunged his hand through the branches and grabbed her by the back of her hood. One powerful wrench and she was dragged out of her hiding place. The man let go of her hood, but before she could run, he wrapped his arm around her throat instead. She tried to kick him, but he tightened the crook of his elbow and she started to choke. The man pressed the barrels of the shotgun against the side of her head and she grew still.

The bear had replenished its air supply and was coming after them. It swam with slow, steady strokes of its front paws, holding its back legs stiffly like a rudder. Its black lips were pulled back from its teeth in a snarl and its one eye glared at them. Hex could see that the bear was in a killing rage and was not going to give up until it had caught them. He gritted his teeth and turned back to steering the scooter. The light grew brighter, which told him they were moving into shallower water, but their combined weight was dragging on the little machine.

The bear was lean and hungry after a summer trapped on land and seals were its favourite food. They were sleek and fat with a thick, insulating layer of blubber that would help build up the bear's own fat reserves for the winter ahead. The bear watched the seals for a long time, carefully raising its snout above water every two minutes to take another lungful of air. It was choosing its target, looking for any sign of injury or slowness. Polar bears were strong swimmers but seals were much faster in the water and a surprise attack on the weakest individual was the bear's only chance.

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