Alpha Force: Hunted by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength Hunted

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Alex caught the weariness in her voice. 'Take the torch off your head, then you don't get that weird effect,' he said. ' Li slipped the headband off and wrapped it around her hand. Alex was right, that did feel better. 'Good thinking,' she said. 'That's--' A sound exploded from the bush. Li grabbed Alex and gripped his arm hard, her nails digging in like claws. All he could hear was a frenzy of roaring, savage and purposeful, out there in the dark. And it was very close. 'It's lions hunting,' whispered Li.

They had finished their first adventure race - and in fine style. Li, Paulo, Alex and Hex sat on the tarpaulin floor tent at the finish, their bare feet in bowls of warm water. All around were exhausted, relieved athletes who had finished the course, nursing their wounds while the results were calculated. 'Oh that feels good,' said Hex, wriggling his toes. ' 'What I want right now,' said Li, 'is a huge plate of chips with mayonnaise. ' 'I want a steak with garlic butter,' said Paulo. 'I second that,' said Alex.

It wasn't long before they came to another game trail. Paulo stopped and flicked his torch over it. 'More big feet,' he said, delighted. ' Li glanced at it. 'Rhino,' she said, without much interest. But Paulo found the endless variety of tracks fascinating. He found little ones like dainty points, which Li said were made by a tiny antelope called a dik-dik. Hex and Alex caught his enthusiasm, walking along for most of the time with their torches pointed at the ground. Paulo found some broad, heavy tracks.

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