Anther and Pollen: From Biology to Biotechnology by Christophe Clement, Ettore Pacini, Jean-Claude Audran

By Christophe Clement, Ettore Pacini, Jean-Claude Audran

Pollen, the plant constitution most generally utilized by people, is a key constitution in plant replica giving upward push to end result and seeds. furthermore, the biotechnological use of pollen is of significant value for plant breeders because it permits to procure forms with greater usage and yield. within the first half, the successive steps of pollen improvement within the anther from floral induction to pollen germination and fertilization are completely tested; the second one half is dedicated to pollen behaviour in vitro.

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Uninucleate (D, bar=20 I-lm) and binucleate (E, bar= 10 I-lm) embryo-sacs in the female flowers at day 41 after bud burst. F. Tanniferous inclusions (arrows) in the carpel of the male flowers (bar= 50 I-lm). G-H. Mature 8-nucleate embryo-sacs in the female flowers at day 48 after bud burst. G, complete embryo-sac surrounded by well-defined integumentary tapetum (bar=50 I-lm). 2 Polyamine extraction and determination Samples were homogenized in 5% (w/v) tricloroacetic acid (TeA), incubated 1 h on ice, centrifuged 10 min at 1,500 g and supernatants were separated and measured.

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