Ariel Sharon (Major World Leaders) by Richard Worth

By Richard Worth

- soaking up debts of the leaders whose principles and activities have replaced the process background - Examines each one person's existence within the context of the politics of the time - Full-color images improve each one booklet

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In his old age, Ben-Gurion showed a definite preference for aggressive young officers, and Ariel Sharon fit the bill. At some times during the 1950s, Ben-Gurion had Sharon sit next to him at military meetings, elevating him over more senior officers, who were, predictably, furious. Sharon played no part in the planning of the 1956 war, but he was given a major role in its execution. In 1956, Egyptian president Nasser appeared to be the most potent threat to Israel. A bold, charismatic man, Nasser called for pan-Arab unity, and for the destruction of the Jewish state.

The next thing he knew, he was coming back to consciousness in an Israeli hospital. 33 34 ariel sharon Every military commander knows what it is like to be in a harrowing, desperate situation. However, few of the other great twentieth-century military leaders—including Patton, Pershing, and Rommel—met such a horrific defeat on the event of their first command. Sharon survived. He recovered within a few months and was ready to be on the front lines again that autumn, but he did not see major action again in the 1948 war.

They had no real wish to cross and invade the Egyptian homeland, but it certainly was possible at that moment. Meanwhile, other Israeli forces had defeated the Jordanians and captured the whole of the city of Jerusalem, including the famous Temple Mount, which would later figure in Sharon’s life and career. Still other Israelis had taken the fight to the Syrians. Attacking in force, the Israelis captured the whole of the Golan Heights and were practically on the way to Damascus when a cease-fire went into effect.

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