Democratic Socialism in Jamaica: The Political Movement and by Evelyne Huber Stephens, John D. Stephens

By Evelyne Huber Stephens, John D. Stephens

The Description for this ebook, Democratic Socialism in Jamaica: The Political circulate and Social Transformation in based Capitalism, might be forthcoming.

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A highly controversial question, which was to have long-lasting effects, was the inclusion in the constitution of a bill of rights and particularly a clause concerning the right to private property. In the end, Leslie Ashenheim, a representative of the Law Society and a member of one of the wealthiest and most influential sectors of the capitalist class, managed to have a compromise clause entrenched in the constitution. 22 The clause recognized the rights of the state to expropriate property if the public interest so demanded, but it required compensation and assigned to the courts the role of determining the adequacy of compensation.

The negative consequences of cultural dependence include the adoption of Western consumer tastes, both in terms of level of aspired consumption and type of consumption (in foreign goods instead of locally produceable goods), obviously a barrier to both the development of a more self-reliant economy and the generation of more local investment. However, the effects of this cultural ideological influence go much further than the development of inappropriate consumer tastes; it is an obstacle to nation-building, the development of a strong national identification, national loyalty and willingness to work for national development atnong the population.

Economic development During Crown colony rule, the imperial masters had not encouraged but rather actually discouraged industrialization, as they feared it would damage the interests of British exporters. The war had created a situation in which, because of the disruption of trade, Jamaica was forced to resort to import-substitution, thus beginning local manufacturing in many areas where it was absent earlier. As the country gained some measure of local self-government, its new political leaders turned their attention to the country's economic problems, which though not as serious as during the depression, were still rather desperate: per capita income was less than $125 and over a fifth of the labor force was unemployed.

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