Hammurabi (Ancient World Leaders) by Judith Levin

By Judith Levin

Virtually 4,000 years in the past, a tender king named Hammurabi inherited the small and unimportant urban of Babylon within the area of Mesopotamia, now in present-day Iraq. Over his lifetime, Hammurabi accelerated Babylon in dimension and in value, making town crucial within the area by the point of his demise. it should stay so for greater than 1,000 years. although Hammurabi used to be a political candidate, a diplomat, and a warrior, he's remembered more often than not for his code of legislations, the tall monument of stone inscribed with countless numbers of felony rulings that prompted the longer term legislation of the sector after which of the Western international. Hammurabi explores the lifestyles and instances of a ruler often called "The King of Justice" during the king s personal phrases and people of criminal and historic records and literature of the time.

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A trade route that ran through the area added to the power of the kingdom, whose lands provided wood, metals, and stone to Mesopotamia. One of the most valued Elamite resources, a blue ­ semi-­precious stone called lapis lazuli, was popularly used for decoration, such as the Ur civilization jewelry (above). instructions that ­Shamshi-­Adad gave his sons about how to rule their cities or fight a battle. Additionally, we have some letters that bring these ancient kings and their world to life, and these are valuable because these people otherwise seem so distant.

The Region’s Greatest Power Perhaps the most powerful of the kings was the man who had united upper Mesopotamia, ­ Shamshi-­Adad. He was from a family of ­ outsiders—­like Hammurabi, from the Amorites. In the 1800s, ­Shamshi-­Adad inherited the throne from his father and expanded his empire. His older son, ­Ishme-­Dagan, represented his father in Ekallatum on the Tigris. , just before Hammurabi became king, ­Shamshi-­Adad took over the ancient city of Mari and installed his younger son, ­Yasmah­Addu, as the local ruler there.

War chariots with two spoked ­wheels—­lighter, faster, and easier to maneuver than the old ­four-­wheeled ­ones— ­may or may not have been in use by this time.

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