The World of Marcel Duchamp 1887-1968 by Calvin Tomkins

By Calvin Tomkins

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The World of Marcel Duchamp 1887-1968

E-book via Tomkins, Calvin

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Maledictions. " Gauguin fared . Matisse's Blue Awf/c f^n^/z/j triggered a torrent of sweetly sentimental murals, attacked Gauguin as . on the Museum of Art. Kenyon Cox, as memorable for his conservative reviews as for his "a decorator tainted with insanity idiot from tradition and Kiirope for years, but this did not faze hostile American critics. "an was HrndShnped Vase and Japanese K mob of Chicago students that thev hanged Matisse in eff^y. oodciil. 1889 Henri Matisse: Hlur \iulr. IQCJT I Paul (Cezanne: 1 hr f'oorfiousr on thr Hill.

Picasso, the Spaniard, saw his friend Braque off to the front; they would never again work closely together. Leger donned the poilu's uniform, as did Jacques Villon and Raymond Duchamp-Villon. The heated martial atmosphere of Paris soon became increasingly for their brother Marcel, now judged who, having served unfit for military civilian clothes one year in 1906, duty because of a weak heart. rarely ever speaks of those days in 1914 and for when super- difficult was Duchamp his youthful good looks drew their daily quota of insults from ultra-patri- From such experiences he conceived a bitterness against his countrymen that would last for many years, although he never showed it.

Duchamp. helped with the hanging, decided to dom. He bought frorTi a name Rliiul Mfin. in an ephemeral h'oiinlnin. Society of Artists refused to exhibit in own hands made champ wrote. "He CIIOSK with his it. so that of view its "Whether Mr. Mutt the fountain or not has no importance,*' Duit. " committee's objections on moral grounds, missed those as being absurd. "It plutTd)ers* The doing so he provided his own art. "* he noted. Besides which. "The only worksofart America has given |us| are stoutly behalf which the ease later in ihr artist.

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